Picture yourself in a traffic jam and feeling utterly calm, or not letting your boss’s bad mood affect you. Here you are being peaceful and not getting worried.  How about enjoying a sense of belonging in a place of loneliness? This is what it feels like when you have achieved emotional freedom.

What is emotional freedom??

Emotional freedom is all about liberating yourself from negative emotions and creating a positive life . It is to feel free and not feel like a victim who is controlled by their emotions. Instead, becoming aware and learning from them. Emotional freedom is the result of  learning how to take emotional responsibility, i.e. responsibility for our feelings. We take emotional responsibility when we are open to learning and what loving actions we need to take in our own behalf. We take emotional responsibility when we compassionately embrace our feelings without judging ourselves and being gentle, allowing ourselves to feel and release these painful feelings, and learning about what they may be telling us about others and events.

How do we attain emotional freedom??

This revolves around understanding and managing your feelings. There are two different types of feelings: Wounded feelings and Painful Core feelings.

Wounded feelings are the feelings we cause by our own thoughts and actions. For example, if a single mother tells herself that she is not a good mother, she will feel anxious, and the anxiety is coming from what she is telling herself. Here, she is neglecting her own needs and is not able to love herself. Our wounded feelings are feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, anger, fear of the past or future, resentment, emptiness and loneliness. Our feelings act as a guiding system, giving us a lot of information. Wounded feelings tell us that we are not accepting of ourselves and neglect our own needs and wants.

Core painful feelings are the feelings that come from life and from other people, events and circumstances. These are feelings of  loneliness, sadness, grief over others and events .We feel like we are not being treated well by the others and have demands from the world.

Once we start acknowledging our feelings, we enter into a peaceful state and these feelings are said to be Core Positive feelings.  These are feelings of inner peace, joy, love, excitement, passion, aliveness, happiness, fulfilment and so on. These feelings are letting us know that we are on the right track regarding our thoughts and actions.

Avoiding responsibility for our feelings leads to our own misery. We create great suffering when we avoid our feelings rather than compassionately embracing and accepting them.

So the question still remains, how well are you connected to your emotions?

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