“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” ~Winston Churchill.

We constantly strive to see the positive in every aspect of our life. But it’s not always easy. However, if we choose to be positive it can help us in becoming the person we want to be. Even when things are difficult, we know that being positive and striving to make the best of whatever situation you are in, really does make even the most challenging situations easier to bear. Being positive is not about projecting a perfect life, rather choosing to see the good in life, believing in the power of encouragement, and having hope that things will get better.

Maintaining a positive attitude is critical when you want to achieve anything or just to improve the quality of your life. Here are some tips to boost your positivity:

 Listen to music that gives off the same mood you want to be in- Music is indescribably powerful. You can use its voodoo magic to brighten up your day.

Eat healthy- Eating healthy foods like green veggies and smoothies would replenish your body and make you feel fresh and energetic.

Mason jar activity- Jot down all the positive things that happen in your day, be it an experience of your own or somebody sending you letters or messages. You can put these chits in a mason jar everyday and then have a look at them at the end of the week. These messages and chits would do wonders during the time when you are struggling or feel like you don’t matter to the world.

Surround yourself with positive influences-Find people who believe in you and your dreams. Seek out others who make your spirit feel full and lifted.

Set goals-Having goals to work towards can make us more positive. When we feel stagnant and unconfident, it’s a lot easier to see the bad parts of life. However, when you complete the task at hand that was set for the day, it gives you a sense of achievement and makes you feel positive.

Focus on the problems in your life- You need to shed your negative skin instead of suppressing it. Sometimes, it’s best to recognize the negativity pervading your life, admit it, and then decide that it no longer has a place in your lives. Often, recognizing the problem is a vital part of the solution.

Express gratitude-One of the easiest ways to increase your positivity is to express gratitude. Being thankful for what you currently have immediately releases any negativity that you might be holding onto. Gratitude instantly puts you in touch with the feeling of love. It is a common notion that being in a happy space would lead to a positive approach. Happiness is a state of mind but there are a lot of emotions like joy, curiosity attached to it. We should acknowledge these emotions by understanding how little things in life would make us reach the actual goal of positivity in life.

These were some of the to-do tips that we can apply in our daily routine. However, what would be your strategies for staying positive? Do share it with us.

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