Can pets really make a difference in an individual’s life?

It is not news that since the beginning of times, human beings and animals have learnt to co-exist together in peace and harmony. Pets are considered as family and are treated like it. They bring joy and excitement and can cure your mood in seconds, isn’t it? With time, love and patience, they become an individual’s best friend. A hug from them can alleviate all the problems and make you feel better. The unconditional love animals have, may help in decreasing stress and enable children to increase their emotional and social abilities. The best part of their day is when you get back home and they just come running towards you and pounce on you with excitement. These pets not only help individuals in becoming responsible, but they also help them in becoming compassionate and empathetic. People adopt pets to cure loneliness and to have someone to take care of. 

When talking about human and animal relationships, how can you forget about movies like Bolt or Marley & Me? These movies beautifully capture how wonderful it is to have a pet.

 Animals, unlike humans, cannot speak and understand what humans exactly mean and yet they can understand so many complex emotions. They can comprehend if their owner is sad or feeling low and will try everything in their power to make them feel as cheerful as before. The same goes for humans. Individuals also do not completely understand their pet’s lifestyle and feelings but somehow are able to decipher their needs despite the language barrier. This also helps humans in being more responsive to human beings and basic feelings.

Pets help everyone in different areas. They have been proven quite beneficial in developing empathy among children, below are some ways to understand how animals help individuals and children.

By having a pet at home, individuals tend to learn taking care of something besides themselves. For example, if you hear your dog barking, you might get worried and think about what you can do to help? This helps ln facilitating feelings of empathy and commitment among individuals.

Pets provide unconditional support and love, regardless of what individuals go through pets tend to stay faithful and be there for them whenever they are in need.

Kids usually don’t understand various non-verbal cues but pets can help them acquire these techniques. While taking care of a pet, kids begin to understand non-verbal cues better because pets cannot communicate so when kids start understanding their needs despite the language barrier, it is easier for them to understand these cues as well. 

Pets help in making people responsible as individuals take care of them like a child.

Pets can help children and adults express their emotions by providing a non-judgmental and warm environment as they just listen and not react in ways that are unhelpful.

Lastly, pets can make individuals laugh and because of that, individuals who have pets tend to become happier and make others happy too. 

Pets make life all the more beautiful, having someone to love you unconditionally is one of the best feelings that a person can have. That is why individuals love having pets. Their love is more than enough and they also help individuals become a better version of themselves.

Here is an informal qualitative survey done to understand if pet therapy can help. Have a look by downloading the document.

#Content created by Kavya Tripathi

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