Mental Health Literacy: Time to change

“I feel stressed. I’m depressed, and I cannot take this anymore! “
It’s too obvious for all of us to come up with such statements. We live in the country which is full of competition and holds the population of 1.33 billion people. All five fingers are definitely not the same,likewise each and every individual is different in his or her own way. With this ,the reasons of stress and anxiety too increase and differ from a person to person. Hence it is completely normal to feel the pressure and experience the vibe which turns on the negative flow of thoughts within our minds. But ,for the people to open up, and for them to express their grief regarding this pressure , we firstly need to know that, the stress which has come up is due to some reason, the anxiety which is seen is the result of some mishappenings, the depression which is felt is because of some murdered feelings buried deep down within their heart. All this doesn’t mean that these people are naturally mental or psycho. And hence before making fun out of it, and before creating long gossips on how the balance is lost,we should think twice, rather we should feel the resonating heart of that person, the heart which is failing to connect itself with a positive rhythm. The rhythm which is lost in the crowd of unwanted frequencies. These frequencies affect the mental well-being of that person. Our job is to extend a breeze of support and have a strong belief that they are not mentally ill, and can be taken out of this cave of distress. This breeze itself heals the commotion caused out of the destructive harmonies of depression and pressure . The effect of this breeze proves out to be a soothing wave of satisfaction.
Yes, we cannot underestimate the fact that 7.5% of our country is struggling with the mental health issues. Definitely, we need talk shows and some sessions highlighting and addressing these cases. We need counsellors, motivators ,coaches and their expertise to deal with this stigma of mental health. But just talking about them and addressing them is not sufficient. When a person says ,”I am disturbed. ” As a listener we only come up saying, that everything will be okay very soon. We talk about the solutions. Undoubtedly we are correct. But that is not the only requirement. We need to blend ourselves with that person for a moment and try to empathize the pain behind that situation. At that very moment, the person not only expects the solution for that disturbance, but also a basket of love to replace the thorny stems full of low spirit with the soft petals which are having the pigment of understanding and happiness. Supervisions ,therapies, counselling and treatments will provide the solutions and will stabilize the person for sure. But the moment we add the tinge of compassion and warmth to this treatment, it fills the gap of loneliness and cures the scars caused out of the low self-esteem.
Let’s talk about an eagle. At the age of 40,it loses all it’s capacity to survive. Nature ,the supreme controller, doesn’t favour it’s survival . But without getting disheartened and hopeless, eagle fights against the odds. Regrows its beak, plucks out and then regrows the talons and feathers . This painful process takes 150 days to complete,but after this, the eagle takes the rebirth and lives for another few years. It had an easy way to end up it’s life,but eagle didn’t do that. In some situations, bad times are accompanied with a bad luck. At a very wrong time, we fail to reach out to a right person or a right push,or rather we are left behind alone,helpless and upset. And this instability results into a moment which makes us feel that death can be a better and only option which is up. In such times, giving up is not the solution . But analyzing the reasons behind our trouble and despair ,talking to ourselves and then making things proper is the spirit of a winner.
It’s the time for us to change, try to be a handsome individual , not only on the basis of looks, but by giving your hand to someone when it’s required. Also try to be a beautiful person , not only on the basis of jewellery and the cosmetics you use, but by understanding your own beauty when the time tries to fade it.

#Content created by Sakshi Jadhav

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