Can you believe this statement? In other words, can we say that somehow all diseases are psychosomatic

Basically disease is your body’s ways of saying that something is wrong when emotions (both conscious and subconscious) start to be mirrored on a biological level. A thought and feeling creates the activation of neuronal pathways and changes in levels of neurotransmitters within the synapses of these neuronal pathways which in turn affects the release of various body hormones. So, negative emotions and stress can release glucocorticoids, catecholamines, growth hormone, prolactin etc. and lead to an imbalance.

Prolonged serum levels of certain hormones can adversely affect the body’s homeostasis and eventually impact the various organs and organ systems and can even lead to illnesses like cancer.

Suppressed emotions not just make your body more prone to internalised diseased mutations but also make you prone to diseases caused by external agents such as viruses, bacteria etc by weakening your immune system.

So, why do different individuals get different diseases? Well the answer is somewhat connected to our genetic makeup. Negative and unspent emotions can impact our weakest point, where we are the most vulnerable and this is why, for better health, it is vital to process and uncover repressed emotions.

Therefore, you must remember medicines or any form of alternative therapy do not work unless you do. Even if you are able to get rid of one kind of illness, if you don’t acknowledge your emotions and thoughts, that might lead to an even worse condition in future because your body is trying to make you listen to all those inner wounds and those cries are going to get louder every time you try to suppress them.

Therefore, there’s no denying the very fact that healing starts in the mind. 

You can begin by acknowledging your thoughts instead of ignoring them continuously and process them in a healthy way. But you don’t have to be hard on yourself because self-love is the key to heal!!

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