About Us

Founder’s Note

I grew up in the bustling city of Mumbai, India, amongst the vibrant and  the busy, the buzzing and the rushing. Childhood in this place was never boring. The city and its people always had something to look forward to. Being the financial heart of a developing nation, the city was almost always the first to experience the fruits and troubles of a westernizing Indian culture. Over the course of 30 years that I’ve spent in this city I’ve had my share of both, the fruits and the troubles. And all those things have played a part in moulding my personality. But what made me who I am are my experiences in my youth which led to my understanding of the world.

As a psychologist, I am keen in finding out exactly what makes people find the compelling sense of direction and purpose in their lives. And what led them to having the extreme views and beliefs that they have. I have a double masters degree in the field of Psychology with the specialization in child and adolescent development.

Through my extensive studies, I’ve come to believe that the childhood and adolescent years in the life of a person, go a long way to define who they are and what they go on to do in their lives. Also my absolute love and adoration for children played a big part in my choice.

I have a genuine passion in seeing happiness within people. For I believe, that people who are genuinely happy with who they are go onto make the lives of many other people happy. This is what I strive to foster within people I meet every single day and this is what makes me who I am.

About Amaaya Wellbeing

Amaaya Wellbeing was started in the year 2019 by Ms. Malleka Baluni as a practicing clinical Psychotherapist and child and adolescent psychologist. Amaaya was created keeping in mind to provide individuals an atmosphere to express themselves in a non-judgemental environment. Our main aim is to help individuals explore their individuality, their strengths and come out victorious. We help them to work on the blind spots and free themselves from the emotional baggage. We believe in an eclectic approach which leads to a holistic development of a person and helps them take charge of their lives. We have a team of certified therapists who have an expertise in their field of knowledge.

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