Our Team

We have a team of experienced therapists and professionals having expertise in their field of knowledge.

Ms. Malleka Baluni

Clinical Psychotherapist

Malleka Baluni is a seasoned Psychologist based in Mumbai. She has double masters in the field of Psychology specializing in child and Adolescent behavior. She started Amaaya Wellbeing in the year 2019 with the vision to help individuals explore their individuality, their strengths and come out victorious.

Dr. Hemant Belsare

Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Hemant Belsare is a senior Psychiatrist with an experience of 25 years in private practice. He has also been a lecturer for 6 years in G.S. Medical College, Mumbai. He is an experienced, skilled and an awarded doctor in the field of adult psychiatry. He has an avid interest in creating mental health awareness and has been on TV shows that promote the same.

Abha Biyani

Consulting Psychologist

Mrs. Abha Biyani is a Consulting Psychologist who’s expertise lies in incorporating a wide range of therapeutic techniques. She is passionate about creating awareness, acceptance and empathy in society as well as providing quality care to the differently-abled. She is well known for conducting insightful workshops and orientations and is also empanelled with non-profit organizations.

Natasha Dotiwala

Holistic Healer

Mrs. Natasha Dotiwala is a holistic healer and psychic who embraces multiple ancient healing modalities to help clients. A reiki grand master, tarot card specialist and magnified healer, she combines traditions to create the right ‘recipe’ of interventions based on each individuals needs. She believes that the hidden field of energy that connects everything can be tapped into and used for our benefit. She selectively takes on clients and works deeply with them over months to change their world and lives.

Shilpa Mittal

Nutritionist and Dietician

Mrs. Shilpa Mittal is a renowned nutritionist with over 20 years of experience in food science and nutrition. She is a certified diabetes educator and an onco nutritionist. she has helped clients with weight loss,weight gain, BP, diabetes, thyroid and other lifestyle disorders. She believes that one can get a permanent solution through natural customized diet be it an illness or wellness. She is one of the first nutritionist in India to have an app “shilpsnutrilife” for educative purpose.

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