Mental Health Literacy: Time to change

“I feel stressed. I’m depressed, and I cannot take this anymore! “It’s too obvious for all of us to come up with such statements. We live in the country which is full of competition and holds the population of 1.33 billion people. All five fingers are definitely not the same,likewise each and every individual isContinue reading “Mental Health Literacy: Time to change”

Toxic Positivity: The Dark side of being positive

“Be positive”, “you will be fine”, “but at least you have friends/family” “it could have been worse”, I am sure all of you have heard phrases like these more than once in your life. In fact, these kinds of phrases individuals hear throughout their lives. How many times has it happened that one of yourContinue reading “Toxic Positivity: The Dark side of being positive”

Sleep Over anxiety: How can we help our children?

Some kids love to sleepover at their friend’s house and it can be of absolute delight to them but certain kids do not like staying away from home, even if it’s for one night. While for some kids sleepovers turn out to be one of the most important events of social gatherings, the kids whoContinue reading “Sleep Over anxiety: How can we help our children?”

Can pets really make a difference in an individual’s life?

It is not news that since the beginning of times, human beings and animals have learnt to co-exist together in peace and harmony. Pets are considered as family and are treated like it. They bring joy and excitement and can cure your mood in seconds, isn’t it? With time, love and patience, they become anContinue reading “Can pets really make a difference in an individual’s life?”

Postpartum Depression: Are the new mothers to be blamed?

The pregnancy and the birth can trigger several emotions ranging from joy and enthusiasm to fear and anxiety and sometimes, even, depression. Most new mothers experience “baby blues” after childbirth, which mostly include- mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. The baby blues usually begin around 2-3 days after delivery and may last forContinue reading “Postpartum Depression: Are the new mothers to be blamed?”

Impact of Negative Parental Messages and Disordered Eating in Teens

Disordered eating basically refers to a set of irregular eating behaviours which may or may not coincide with the diagnosis of a specific eating disorder.The term “disordered eating” is a descriptive phrase, not a diagnosis. Some of the signs of disordered eating may include- Frequent dieting, anxiety associated with specific foods or meal skipping, ChronicContinue reading “Impact of Negative Parental Messages and Disordered Eating in Teens”

Understanding Mental Health Literacy: A depiction through cinema

Individuals all over the world struggle from issues of mental health and are often apprehensive about seeking help for such problems. In certain parts of the world, awareness is minimum to the level that people are unable to recognize the signs and symptoms of various mental health issues they or their loved ones may beContinue reading “Understanding Mental Health Literacy: A depiction through cinema”

Teen Suicide: What are the causes and what could parents do to help their children?

According to the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), suicide is the third leading cause of for 15-24 year olds after accidents and homicide. However, the very fact cannot be denied that teenage is a stressful period because it is during this period when teens face drastic changes including the changes in their bodies,Continue reading “Teen Suicide: What are the causes and what could parents do to help their children?”


Every parent has a natural tendency to desire the well-being of their children. However, this tendency of being supportive is often taken to another level by some parents by being hyper-involved in their child’s life or in other words hovering over their child like a helicopter, hence, it’s called as the helicopter parenting. Helicopter parentingContinue reading “ARE YOU A HELICOPTER PARENT?”